Saturday, 19 December 2015



1. Download the latest java software from HERE

2. If you already have latest java on your software then go straight and download the binary-chart.jnpl from HERE

3. When the download is completed open my computer - go to C:/ drive - users - your pc name -

4. When you get to your pc folder you will find a .binary folder there, just delete that folder - that is the folder that contains the bug implanted on all their customers pc to stop javachart from opening.

5. If you do not find the folder there click on view on the menu bar - folder options or option - when the setting dialogue opens - click on view - then from the list find - hidden files and folders and tick show hidden files - also untick hide empty drives, hide extensions, all the hide you see ticked, untick them. Click on apply and ok. You should be able to see the .binary folder now, delete it.

6. if you find the folder and successfully deleted it move to 7.

7. Now go to the downloaded file of binary-chart.jnlp and open it with java or just double click.

8. Your javachart will open like nothing ever happened.

9. Download picture illustration from here....